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I am an abstract painter living in Carlsbad, CA. My studio practice explores the tensions between freedom and discipline. 

I have traveled widely and lived on three continents, finally finding home in my painting studio. In 2016, I earned a PhD in Neurobiology and spent years studying the genetics of sleep regulation before committing to my creative practice. This work continues to inform my aesthetic—after decades spent searching for patterns in data and live scientific models, I bring an analytical understanding of randomness and order to the canvas. 

I approach painting with a combination of intuition and methodical study. The 20th century Pattern & Decoration artists, who ruptured divisions between fine art and design, serve as major inspirations for me. I strive to make artwork that’s similarly accessible, beautiful, and intellectually engaging. 

Painting, for me, is freedom in action. It is a ritual and a window to my soul. I abstract elements of my past and present—my multicultural background, mindfulness practice, and scientific training—into shapes and colors on canvas. I hope my paintings communicate something healing and transformative to viewers, who bring their own experiences and backgrounds to bear on their understanding of my work.

As an artist and scientist, I explore the dualities (or tensions) between fluidity and control, intuition and strict methodology, and subtleties and boldness.  I layer together media of disparate textures and contrasting colors: Acrylics, texturizing materials, resin, and mark-making tools are my predominant materials. I view my practice as an orchestration of hues, patterns, and stripes, which I blend into harmonious compositions. Repeated elements serve as a kind of mantra, calming the viewer’s mind and generating a sense of joy.