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Part study, part exploration

Laura approaches her abstract paintings with a combination of intuition and methodical study. She takes inspiration from the 20th century Pattern & Decoration artists, who ruptured divisions between fine art and design. Laura strives to make artwork that’s similarly accessible, beautiful, and intellectually engaging. She often paints parallel swaths that alternate between sections of muted and more vivid hues; contrasting colors, shapes, and textures create a sense of organization and harmony across her canvases. These elements also generate duality: Her process juxtaposes movement and energy with calmness and control. Though her works are abstract, Laura often gives them titles that inspire hope and joy.

Laura’s distinctive abstract language is rooted in random shapes and patterns (often inspired by her scientific background), flat and textured surfaces, and emotive color relationships. Laura applies multiple layers of acrylic, texturizing materials, and shapes until she achieves the desired contrast. Her paintings feature small surface imperfections such as scratches and raised ridges between or inside color fields. These offer a striking contrast to her well-defined blocks of color. Embracing such dichotomies, Laura’s practice is simultaneously spare and complex. She compares the harmonious repetitions in her paintings to mantras sung over and over: Both, she says, generate joyful outcomes. 



The path to personal freedom

Laura has lived in three countries (Argentina, Israel and the US) across three different continents, visited Europe, and backpacked across Africa and Southeast Asia. Finally finding home in her painting studio. These soul-etching experiences find their expression in her choice of colors, marks, and patterns. Laura also holds a PhD in Neurobiology and spent years studying the genetics of sleep regulation. This work continues to inform her full-time painting practice. After decades spent searching for patterns in data and live scientific models, Laura brings an analytical understanding of randomness and order to the canvas. 


A visceral love of marks and colors

Throughout her practice, Laura translates feelings and impressions into a unique visual language as she explores the tensions between freedom and discipline, exploration and control. Using her signature process, she blends contrasting colors, patterns, and stripes that derive from a lifetime of experiences and perspectives. Laura creates sophisticated paths for the viewer’s eye as she skillfully unites these three aesthetic elements.